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Become a partner
Why do I need to cooperate with Casino Pobeda?
Loyal players. We are doing a lot of work to increase the time spent by players in our casino..
Good brand. Casino Pobeda is positively associated with players, which will allow you to earn more.
Quick payments to partners. We withdraw payments almost immediately on the day on which the partner left the application. That's fast!
Popular questions from partners
How can I get an affiliated link?
Everything is very easy. It is enough to register or authorize in our Affiliated program, create an advertising channel and we will generate the affiliate link which you will be able to use to attract new players.
How to change the interest on the affiliate program?
Interest on the affiliate program is dynamic and depends on the volume of new depositors that got attracted on a monthly basis. Read more in our Terms and Conditions for our Affiliate program.
What payment systems can I use to withdraw the funds?
Withdrawals are available through Qiwi, WebMoney and Yandex Money.
When can I require payout of my earnings?
Payments by Affiliate program are carried out every first week (from 1st to 5th day) of a new month.
Where can I get promotional materials?
Promotional materials can be obtained in your personal account on Affiliate program platform or request it via email
If I have further questions, who should I contact?
For additional questions regarding the Affiliate Program, you can contact us by emailing
List of rules for partners
Basic terms, account and security

1. Before the starting work, every Partner that participates in the Affiliate Program of Pobeda is required to carefully read and accept the terms and conditions of the program.

2. To collaborate in the Affiliate Program, Pobeda allows participation of legal entities or individuals who have reached the age of 18. If the Partner, an individual agrees to the terms and conditions of the program, then he is responsible for compliance with the age restriction.

3. To enter the Pobeda partner program, a Partner needs a login and a password that get created by our system which Partner stores securely for his own use and does not disclose it to the third parties. The Affiliate Program is not responsible for the safety of this confidential information that is given to Partner.

4. The Affiliate Program of Pobeda has the right to change the Rules of the Partner Program without the Partner’s consent and without its prior notification. The terms that are currently published on the Program’s website are considered valid. Chronology of changes in the terms of the partnership program is not being monitored.

5. The Affiliate Program of Pobeda has all the right to refuse to work with a Partner without providing a reason.

6. In the Affiliate Program, the Last cookie wins rule applies, which means that the player is assigned the ref-code of the Partner, where the new player came to casino and registered using their referral link.

7. The Affiliate Program prohibits the transfer and sale of accounts to third parties without prior approval from the administration.

8. By participating in the Affiliate Program, Partner gives his/her consent that the present terms and conditions of the program can be changed without prior notification to the Partner.

Traffic – its source and restrictions

1. The Affiliate program has the rights at any time to request information about the traffic source of Partner’s traffic. If Partner does not provide the requested information on which Partner advertises the casino, the Affiliate program reserves the rights to freeze payments to Partner. For website, you need to indicate a URL (or an alternative path to the domain), for media/arbitrage traffic – an example of an ad and a screenshot of an advertising account, for email marketing – add to the mailing list in order to be aware of the template and the text being sent out, for general public in social networks, channel streams or mobile applications please indicate direct links to them. If an advertisement is given in languages not used in the Affiliate Program, then the Partner is obliged to translate it per request.

2. In the Affiliate Program, Pobeda Partners are strictly prohibited to attract new customers using spam mailing method. In the event of such practice, the Affiliate Program may close the Partner’s personal account in the Pobeda system without paying the money earned by him in the account. As in, funds will be held back and Partner will not be able to withdraw them.

3. The Affiliate Program allows Partners to do email marketing to players from his/her own email database only if Partner can provide a source from which these emails were attained from.

4. The Affiliated program limits the used of branded traffic by Partners according to the standard commission programs. Branded traffic is a traffic generated by vital requests where the name of the project is mentioned in the context in various spellings including incorrect spelling (typosquatting). If Partner wants to use branded traffic, they need to contact in advance and agree on working conditions. In case of conscious use of standard commission models for branded traffic and hiding this information, the Affiliate Program reserves the rights to suspend cooperation with the Partner.

Commission programs, zero negative balance and sub-partner

1. Standard commission program that is considered dynamic is RevShare from 10% to 50% which is calculated using Partner’s Income = (deposit – payout)/ 100*aff%

2. RevShare partners change depending on the attracted new depositors for the reporting period:
i. 0 new depositors – 10%
ii. 1-10 new depositors – 20%
iii. 11-20 new depositors – 30%
iv. 21-30 new depositors – 40%
v. Over 31 – 50%

3. If in the given period there were large winnings of players exceeding their deposited funds, in other words, if the players listed by Partner causes a loss to the Casino, then Partner’s income for this period equals zero.

4. If in the given period negative balance has been accumulated, note they will never get transferred to the next given period. Next given period will start off with zero (not negative) value, since the Pobeda Affiliated Program does not cover the financial risks at the expense of their Partners.

5. In case if Partner has attracted persons wishing to become new Partners (or sub-partners) to cooperate with the Pobeda Affiliate Program, referral bonuses will be added to it.

6. Amount of referral bonuses is calculated in the amount equal to 10% of earnings of all involved sub-partners for the given period.

Promo materials and their use

1. To promote projects, the Affiliate Program, in advance, provides multimedia and text materials to Partners (by prior arrangement). Partners can also work with a text description using the information available on the Casino’s website, only having stated it in their interpretation. If the texts from the site are simply copied, without any stylistic changes, the Affiliate Program reserves the rights to terminate its cooperation with Partner or qualify it as branded traffic.

2. Partners are strictly prohibited to use promotional materials (logo, text, graphics, videos, and layout elements) of our original project to promote their counterfeit copies that violate copyrights, and also for promoting their own projects. In case of violation, Partner’s account can be blocked without notice.

3. The Affiliate program has the rights to request the indication of the correct information in reviews of its project on partner sites. In case of indicating false information that differs from the data on the projects sites, the Affiliate Program reserves the rights to suspend cooperation with the Partner.

4. The Affiliate Program may require the replacement of the outdated links, logos, screenshots, and also other promo materials and postpone a payment in the event of Partner’s refusal to substitute them for an indefinite period until their replacement.

Fraud and violation of terms and conditions

1. Partners are absolutely prohibited from opening their personal accounts in the casino under their referral link. If such action is revealed, the administration will immediately block the personal accounts of Partner and players he has attracted, where the funds will be permanently written off from these accounts in favor of the casino. Members of Partner’s family and people who are close to him/her are also subject to this rule if they have accounts on the platform of casino through the referral link of the Partner.

2. The Affiliate program has the right to change the status of Partner’s balance to the amount that was received or lost by the player as a result of fraudulent activities of the players. The Affiliated program can change the balance due to this cause for an unlimited period of time after the detection of fraudulent activity.

3. The Affiliate program reserves the rights to block Partner’s account for public slander, unreasonable criticism, insults and threats towards the support team or the administration of the partnership program and/or the project of the Affiliate Program.

4. Partners, who intentionally provide false information about the sources of traffic, their cooperation get suspended.

5. In the event if the administration of the Affiliate Program or the Casino administration, have a reason to suspect a Partner of violating the terms and conditions of the Affiliated Program, his/hers account may be blocked and payments will be frozen for an indefinite period until the circumstances become clear. If during the verification it gets confirmed that there was a violation, the Affiliate Program reserves the right to leave the Partner without payments.

6. If there are disputes, Partner must provide the Affiliate program with the arguments of its correctness and its vision of resolving the existing problem. In turn, the Pobeda Affiliate Program is always ready to consider the arguments presented by Partner and seek a solution that is open and honest from both points of view. The decision settled by the Affiliate program is not subject to review and appeal.

The order and terms of settlements with Partners

1. The accounting period used by the Pobeda Affiliate Program for calculating earnings for Partners is based on monthly terms.

2. Partner’s earnings in the Affiliate program are commission based, which is calculated as a certain percentage of the net income of the casino from the players involved by this Partner.

3. Earnings for the past accounting period are accrued within 5 business days.

4. The minimum possible payment from a partner account is $20/1200 rubles for payment systems.

5. Payments to new partners or partners whose players show suspicious activity may be postponed by the administration of the Affiliate Program for a period that the administration deems acceptable for conducting traffic source checks.

6. If Partner has less than 3 players by the first payment, an additional check-up might be required.

7. The Affiliate program undertakes to pay lifetime commission charges for all programs until Partner fulfills his/her obligations and does not impose financial or reputational harm on Affiliate Program and Affiliate Program projects.

9. Payments to partners for the reporting period are made to the following payment systems: Qiwi, WebMoney and Yandex Money,